Sunday, November 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I'm back with another six sentences from one of my Works in Progress, Golden Savannah!

My mother acted like she believed me when I told her what had happened to Evan wasn't my fault. Then again, the details of what had happened that day weren't exactly clear. Maybe I tried to forget on purpose, or maybe my mind had subconsciously shielded me from the truth—I'd heard that was common with traumatic situations. That day almost three years ago was certainly traumatic. Not only had Evan been seriously injured, but that was also the day my father walked away forever. It was if he blamed me for what happened to Evan too and couldn't bear to look at me anymore. 

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  1. Great six, well described to project the trauma. I like it.

  2. What did happen??!! Intriguing snippet!

  3. An intriguing six. You leave plenty of questions for the reader to puzzle over :-)

  4. Thanks everyone! Don't worry, I'll explain what happened...eventually!