My Team on Escape!

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About Team Promethiad:

Adrian Rayne

I never wanted to go on this show in the first place, but I had to do it for Lily. I couldn't let my sister go alone! But just because I look out for my sister, don't think for one minute that I'm a wuss. I will kick anyone's ass who says so, or who gets in my way. If I don't get you, my man Jesse will. He always helps me clean up . . . if you know what I mean. Yeah, he was with me when I stole the car, but that's not his fault. I kind of dragged him along. My need for speed (and for sweet cars) always seems to get me in trouble. My ability with electricity certainly helps me along. I don't even need to hotwire a car. I can unlock it and start it instantly. With our talents, there's no way our team can 
lose. I just really hope that we can get Lily's invisibility to work.

Lily Rayne

This show is my one chance to redeem myself. I don’t know why I tried to steal that shirt. I wouldn’t have even tried if I didn’t have this invisibility power. It certainly doesn’t work well most of the time. Adrian and Jesse have both been trying to work with me to get better at it . . . I haven’t really made much progress. I hope I’ll get it under control soon. It would definitely help in the competition.

Jesse Evers

Adrian’s always getting me into trouble. This time, I managed to get in trouble on my own. I don’t know why I set fire to that . . . okay, I’m not going to lie. I set fire to some guy. He was trying to steal my girlfriend. I couldn’t handle my anger. Needless to say, she’s not my girlfriend anymore. I didn’t want to come on this show, but Adrian talked me into it. It was all Lily’s idea . . . it’s always Lily’s idea.

Moira Cristaldi

I don’t regret what I did for a minute. Too many companies have been torturing innocent animals and they need to answer for it! I can usually convince people of whatever I want to using my telepathy. Did you know that there’s a way to plant an idea in someone’s head in such a way that they think it was their own idea? I probably shouldn't be telling you that. Anyway, people tend to think that I’m pretty weird because I’m a vegetarian and animal-rights activist—and also because I spend a ton of time online playing Final Fantasy XIV. That’s where I met my boyfriend. I know, not exactly conventional, but it works for us.

Will Zhang

I guess I’m a bit of an enigma. I act hard, especially around my homies. I’m really not a bad guy. I support the Black Panther Party (yeah, I know it doesn’t exist anymore). Oh yeah, and I can turn into one. Those “knives” that I stabbed the guy with? Those weren’t really knives. Those were my claws. Oh, and I might act and look like I’m in a gang, but I’m really not.