Monday, June 27, 2011

Character Archive: Casting Raena Davenport

Beginning today, I’ll be posting character interviews, “castings” and songs from my play lists every Monday. I’m going to begin with my casting of Raena Davenport. She’s the protagonist in the Shadow Imperium series, so I thought it made sense to start with her. I tend to “cast” actors as my characters, because I like to have a visual approximation when I write.

 I chose Sophia Bush to “play” Raena. She’s definitely how I picture Rae. Sophia Bush is currently acting on the TV show One Tree Hill, but she’s also in a movie I love called John Tucker Must Die. Here are a couple of clips of her in action . . .

John Tucker Must Die - I'm Dating John Tucker
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Check back next Monday for an interview with Rae!


  1. Oooo, I can see her playing Rae =) Can't wait to see who plays Andrei!

  2. He'll be up soon, as will Logan!