Sunday, June 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #2

Here's another sneak peek from Foreshadow!

I counted one, two beats of his gigantic midnight wings and then he was on the ground behind me. He reached down and grabbed me around my waist, pulling me up from the grass. I struggled and attempted to kick him, desperately trying to get loose from his grasp. He held his sword at my neck and I froze. The sharp blade bit into the soft area underneath my chin. The point punctured the skin and I could feel a thin ribbon of blood snake its way down my throat and drip onto my new blouse.  

Want more? Check back next Sunday!


  1. Oh, hell. Not the new blouse!! lol! Funny she should think that at just that moment. I think I like her.

  2. Yes, intense and definitely intriguing but he'd better be worth it to have a new blouse ruined

  3. She must have some way left to fight back against that beast! Wonder how?

  4. Very intriguing six!