Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: The Gift of Miracles with Thomas Amo

Today, we have Thomas Amo, author of An Apple for Zoe and the new Let's Get Lade, visiting with us on the blog!

The Gift of Miracles

Christmas is in four days and so many people lose sight of what this day actually really and truly means. For the kids, it means toys, to the teens it means, an iPad, cellphone, laptop, money. To the parents it means, can I pay for all of this and not use a credit card?
But for me, Thomas Amo, it means in a world that has become sometimes not a very nice place to be, God is still God and a beautiful little girl named, Alyssa Mowrey will be spending this Christmas with her family thanks be to his mercy. Christin and I became friends via Twitter earlier this year. We spoke on the phone once and instantly she has that ability to turn a complete stranger into more than just a friend, she makes you feel like family. We tweeted and even came up with the hashtag #BNFF which stands for Best Nerd Friends Forever. Because we were nerds and nerds stick together. This caught on and others joined our nerd herd, but when the terrible accident that happened in October this year, when three little angels were hit by a car while crossing the street, Christin reminded me that her unwavering faith in God and her humble attitude towards the events that would put virtually any parent on a razor’s edge, she set the example to me of what a Christian is.
Sadly, Mia, one of three angels lost her life in that terrible accident. Some will feel if God is so merciful then why didn’t all 3 survive. None of us can ever know that answer and I won’t speculate on it. My heart aches for the loss of little Mia, because even though I did not know her, I am certain her smile was brighter than any star in the heavens. For her family this is a time that they will need all the support and love we can muster. Please include them in your thoughts and prayers.

Alyssa has come leaps and bounds from where her life was two months ago. This is not to say it’s an easy road ahead, Alyssa has a long way to go, but she has a mother who will be right there taking every step with her. Christin has never wavered in her faith and that is something we could all take a good lesson on. So I look at the presents under my tree with a different eye today than I did last year. Instead of saying, I want this or I want that, I can say, I’m so blessed to have this and have that. I thank the Lord for his mercy and letting us see Alyssa as the miracle and blessing she is and I thank Christin for showing me how to appreciate what Christmas really does mean.

Merry Christmas to all of you,
Thomas Amo

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  1. Thank you, Thomas. You have been a great friend. I appreciate your love and support.