Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's another six sentences from FORESHADOW, book one of the Shadow Imperium series:

            “Can anyone tell me something about Zoroastrianism?” he asked.
            Tristan, sitting on the other side of me, raised his hand. When Mr. Villar pointed at him, he answered, “They worship a Creator called Ahura Mazda.”
            “Hey, I’m down with Zoroastrianism—I could worship my car!” Logan cut in with a laugh.
            “Ahura Mazda is not the same as your car,” I shot back, rolling my eyes.
            “Who do you think the car was named after?” he asked sarcastically.

Want more of Logan's obnoxiousness? Check back next Sunday!

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  1. final line makes totally sense, blame it on Ford designers! ;-)
    Great snippet!

  2. Logan sounds like he's going to get himself in trouble. Careful! I want to know more about these characters.

  3. Fun six, Logan sounds like a handful :)

  4. This was fun! I smiled throughout.

  5. Hey, don't mock the guy... for some, cars ARE their religion...