Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #3

I'm back with Six Sentence Sunday! Since I've posted more serious excerpts the past two weeks, I thought I would share something a little lighter this week.

Logan pulled his aviators down the bridge of his nose so he could peer at me from above the rims.  “Well, if it isn’t Raena,” he murmured in a heavenly voice. 
“It’s Rae,” I told him flatly.  “No one calls me Raena.
He leaned closer.  “And you can call me the guy you’ve been waiting for.”

Want more? Six Sentence Sunday will return next week!


  1. Ha!! That line's a little cheesy. I love it!!

  2. What a presumptious man, lol! Great six!

  3. Thanks everyone! Yeah, Logan's a little full of himself haha!

  4. Cheeky Man! Thank you for a great six.

  5. I'm sure she wants to call him a lot of things and that doesn't make the list! *grin*

    Dawn's Early Light 6SS

  6. HA! I bet she has a saucy comeback! Loved it!