Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #5

I know I've been plugging Foreshadow like crazy lately, but I thought I'd share the beginning of an unnamed work in progress this week! Enjoy!

They say that when you have a near-death experience, your life flashes before your eyes.             
Well, I guess my accident doesn’t qualify, although I certainly thought I was going to die.              
One moment, I was slipping and falling, the ground approaching at an alarming rate.
Then . . . blackness.
I woke to the beeping of machines and tubes coming out of my arms.
Oh, and there was a guy I didn’t recognize leaning over me . . . A seriously hot guy.


  1. Hello Brea! I just joined your blog site and today's blog is awesome. Will keep an eye out on your next book release. Have a beautiful day and hope you're feeling much better. 8-) ♥

  2. Good opener! I want to know why she fell and, of course, more about the seriously hot guy!

  3. A very nice way to wake up. Loved your six.

  4. Never know what you'll see when you wake up. Great six

  5. Passing out sounds worth it to wake up that way! *grin*

    Dawn's Early Light

  6. Loved this beginning! And who is the hot guy? :)

  7. I love where her priorities are. Great six!

  8. Oooh! a new WIP! I really liked that spark of attitude in your first two lines :)

  9. Thanks everyone! I will definitely post more soon! (I'll be sure to make sure it's something about the hot guy lol!)